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The New Standard of Beauty

Prive Sunless

Meet the Empowered women

These five amazing women are not models. They were chosen because their stories uniquely exemplify what it means to be an Empowered woman. Each were asked their occupation, what they're passionate about and what it looks like to be confident in their own skin. 

Kacie Geffon | ICU Registered Nurse

I am an ICU Registered Nurse (BSN), but I also have a degree in Finance (BS).  I went back to school at the age of 29 to obtain my BSN to ultimately pursue a career in nursing anesthesia. 

My passions include faith, family, my sweet boyfriend and loving on people & making them laugh. Other things that I am passionate about include weight training, stand-up comedy, dogs, skiing, traveling and the never-ending pursuit of knowledge (as I am current applying to graduate school to become a Doctor of Nursing Anesthesia Practice). 

Being confident in my own skin is something that at 32, I am still working on.  Every. single. day. Growing up I was the smart, funny, chubby kid.  My confidence certainly was not gleaned from any exterior aesthetic, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My confidence came—and continues to come— from my work ethic, my love for serving other people and the pursuit of bettering myself in some capacity each day.  Who I am is because of who I’ve been—the mistakes I’ve made, the experiences I’ve realized & the roads I’ve decidedly (and sometimes not-so-decidedly) taken.  My imperfect journey has paved the way for experiences, friendships & opportunities that have only served to deposit & inspire more confidence.  So, yeah, maybe I’m not always perfectly confident in my “own skin”, but for those times I’m not, the smart, funny, chubby girl that loves people shows up & confidently steals the show.


Adrienne L. Padavich | Wealth Management

I am truly passionate about helping others feel beautiful in their own skin which is why I was so moved by this campaign.  I have suffered from a variety of skin issues and disorders that of which I still have or have learned how to healed/maintain.  I love everything that is connected to skin care and the internal health to help glow from within.  I am also very passionate about being a big support for the people I love and connecting people that will bring value to their lives, businesses or charitable causes.  And of course the big one…I am passionate about traveling and experiencing the world.

I want to say I am still learning to be confident in my own skin, but I have embraced it more than ever in my 30s! I am very fair and suffer from keratosis pilaris and eczema.  The hardest one for me to conquer my whole life has been the KP on my cheeks (which are bright red).  I have always been extremely insecure about leaving the house without makeup and even more so being exposed when I have flare ups all over my body.  But I also believe that if I did not have these skin conditions I would not have become so knowledgeable about my health and skin routine to experiment and help others.  Being open as I am now about my skin with other women, I have found that I am opening up a world in which to help other feel beautiful in their own skin and ways to learn and nurture what you were born with.  It is beyond empowering to know I can take something that at times has crippled me to now being able to help other women feel like they are not alone and to love every part of their perfections and imperfections.  I make it a point to always find a way to compliment any women I encounter because at the end of the day we have more impact on each other than we may realize and there is so much we can learn from each other! 


Jenna Fenton | Personal trainer/ Mom to be

My story isn’t your typical doubt to determination. I can’t even tell you that one or both of my parents made me question my worth. What I can tell you, is that I was insanely blessed to have a mom  and dad who painstakingly and almost effortlessly encouraged: moderation, soul care and being kind to all people. You’re probably reading this wondering why this matters, because we may agree that MOST of the time, the heart warming “bios” start off sad and even sometimes unimaginable. I guess I just don’t want people to feel as though you’re required to have a horrible childhood, or suffer some type of neglect or abuse for your story to have an impact ... because truth is, I was that girl for a LONG TIME. 

So, let me briefly tell you my story.  I was NEVER (and I am still not) free of discouragement, trials, heartache and pain. I very often struggle with direction and self doubt. I question my ability and strength at times. BUT, having grown up in a home watered in such vast love, I’ve felt deep conviction over the years to simply be that to others, and specifically to women! You see, we as women are questioned for choosing to be a working mom, and criticized for being a stay at home one. We are ridiculed if we are overweight, and lectured if we are “skinny.” We are told to stand up for ourselves, but silenced into a seated position. We are encouraged to bask in confidence, but too much and we’re pretentious. The list goes on. My dream everyday is for women to know how insanely SPECIAL, how extremely TALENTED, how uniquely DESIGNED, how desperately NEEDED, and how breathtaking BEAUTIFUL they are. I’ve created a business in which I: empower, equip and encourage women by either physical fitness or soul care, to “show the F up” as they are .. and I hope you do too ❤️


Laura Gimbert | Public Relations, Business Owner, Mother

I moved to LA from my home town of Barcelona, at 21. I didn’t know anyone in California and I had no plan, but figuring out who I was and where I wanted to go shaped me become the person I am today: strong, determined and independent. After lots, and lots of ups and downs, failing and always getting up, I ended with a PR business, a husband and a baby girl. I am extremely passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle, growing my business, being hands-on with my daughter, motivating other woman to fight for their dreams and, traveling the world with my growing family. 

Overall, The older I get the more confident I am in my own skin, I barley wear any makeup, and I feel at my best now, postpartum, more than ever before. I want to teach my daughter and any woman out there to invest in themselves, in their education and learning experiences versus materialistic things, to not feel guilty of taking daily self care actions, to surround themselves with positive people, and to take care of their skin with the right nutrition and healthy products instead of hiding blemishes with makeup. Being confident and strong starts with self work and taking risks without being afraid of failing, knowing you can always stand back up and keep going.


Linny | Life Coach

When my dear friend Tamra asked me to participate in this campaign I jumped at the opportunity because as an Empowerment Coach it is my life’s passion to motivate, inspire, encourage and of course EMPOWER every single human being that comes into any kind of contact with me. I preach all things “positivity” because I passionately believe that our mindset is inconceivably powerful and the path of our lives relies heavily on the direction of our thoughts.

With the hope that I can enlighten and uplift anyone who reads this...I’d like to share my story with you. So, many things in my life did NOT turn out the way I expected, but they turned out just the way they needed to. I used to be really tough on myself. I would obsess over deadlines and create unnecessary anxiety in my life. Somehow, a combination of society and culture had convinced me that I had to be married with children by 30. As a result, I stayed in a bad relationship for far too long because I didn’t want to fail and my age was a fear factor in starting all over again.

In general I think we all face expectations caused by culture, religion, traditions, and society that place enormous amounts of pressure on us. Men and women live by societal standards on deadlines for personal and business successes, but we are all running different races, with different abilities to get to different finish lines. At age 25, I decided to rebel against society’s standards and found the courage to change everything in my environment (beginning with ending the bad relationship I was in). I let go of all expectations and control and decided to go with the flow, live in the moment, and become the best me. This mindset opened opportunities to travel through Europe, finish my degree, start a business, and become the most self-fulfilled, confident and content version of me.

Fast forward through 7 years... I just turned 32 and I just got engaged to the man of my dreams! The time it took and the age I am are irrelevant because I enjoyed the process of getting here. Instead of focusing on the destination I focused on the journey so I LIVED and enjoyed everything that has happened in between.


A Message From the owner


Tamra Dae | Owner of Privé Sunless

I knew I wanted to use real women for this campaign, not models. I believe they embody the essence of what PRIVÉ is all about. Natural, allowing your true self to shine through. Each of these women have different ethnicities, different skin types, color, and texture, however they're all using PRIVÉ Clear Self-Tan Mousse. It was imperative that we showcased what the solution looks like on many different tones, to understand that PRIVÉ works with the individual's own hormones and enzymes to create a one of a kind color that is unique to you. Always a beautiful, natural tan. A self-tanner shouldn't change you; it should enhance your natural skin tone. 

I am so honored to have these women shoot this campaign for me, not only because they just so happen to be some of my best friends, but more so because they stepped outside their comfort zones to do a photoshoot, be vulnerable and raw, and give an authentic performance for you all to experience a different kind of beauty campaign. My goal is to redefine the way we look at beauty and what it means to truly be beautiful. PRIVÉ allows you to be YOU, confident in your skin, Empowered by all the things that make you beautiful. Because

"Empowered Beauty is the New Standard"


Empower Your Beauty

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