Prive Sunless


After 10+ years in the self-tan industry working at high-end salons and having a thriving freelance spray-tanning business, I am pleased to announce the launch of my newest product, PRIVÉ CLEAR.

This revolutionary clear self-tan mousse was developed out of pure necessity. I wanted to create a self-tanner that could mimic the quality and color of my spray tan but could be self applied. I carefully formulated the solution with premium skincare ingredients to achieve incredible results without using heavy bronzers to avoid staining of sheets and clothes, and minus any nasty self-tan smell.


My focus was to offer the modern woman the best easy-to-use product to achieve a healthy, safe, glow at home or wherever you might be!  PRIVÉ integrates seamlessly into any beauty regime. No longer do women have to take time out of their day to self-tan. Just apply, go to sleep, wake up and GLOW! 

Proudly owned and created by Tamra Dae

tamra dae